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Current events

We would like to invite you to an open tournament KOMÁRNO OPEN. Everyone is invited, even members of other clubs. Designed for all ages. The results are included in the year-long tour KOMÁRNO OPEN.

Start of the game : Sunday 7.5. 10:00 a Monday 8.5. 10:00

- Golf course Komárno

- We will play 2 x 18 holes .

- There are liquid prizes for the first three placed in each category.

Tournament fee:

one day fee                fee for whole turnament

non member:                                        800,- Kč                       1400,- Kč

member:                                                600,- Kč                       1000,- Kč

The price includes the green fee, refreshments on driving range and dinner after the game.

You can register for the tournament at CGF or at TeeTime no later than Saturday 18.00 with the right to a meal! (from Saturday 18:00 to Sunday 8:00 without food) or you can call directly  +420777763060. 

The tournament is included in the year-round Komárno open tour.

Komárno Open Tour

A year-round Tour is organized within our playground in 2023. All results from KOMÁRNO OPEN TOUR (hereinafter "KO") tournaments are included in the tour. The results are calculated in the form of Stableford points. To participate in the Tour, it is enough to play any "KO" tournament. The 5 best results from these tournaments are counted and the winner will be decided in the final on 4/11/2023, and the announcement will then take place at the club's ball.

Turnaje 2023

25.2. Zahajovací Komárno Open

11.3. Komárno Open

25.3. Komárno Open (Kvalifikační turnaj na klubovou Ligu) na rány

7.4. Velikonoční Turnaj Stableford - 9 jamek
8.4. Velikonoční Turnaj Stableford - 18 jamek
9.4. Velikonoční Turnaj Stableford - 18 jamek

15.4. Komárno Open (kvalifikační turnaj na klubovou Ligu) na rány

29.4. Discgolfový turnaj EUROPE Komárno Open, hřiště uzavřeno

1.5. Discgolf Open (hřiště s upraveným layoutem), hřiště přístupné golfistům

6.5 - 7.5 Komárno Open (kvalifikační turnaj na klubovou Ligu) na rány

8.5. Komárenský fourball s výběrem driveru

13.5. Komárno Open Stableford

27.5. Turnaj o pohár Greenkeepera

10.6. - 11.6. 3. liga Družstev na Kořenci (Výjezd na Kořenec na podporu našich členů)

24.6. Komárno Open Stableford

1.7. - 2.7. a 5.7. - 6.7. Komárno Masters

15.7. - 16.7. 3. Liga Ropice

15.7. Komárno Open Stableford

21.7.  - 22.7. Mistrovství klubu na Búřově l

29.7. Komárno Open Na rány

12.8. - 13.8. Mistrovství klubu Stableford Komárno

26.8. Komárno Open Stableford

9.9. Retro Open 2023

23.9. Texas 2023

7.10. Komárno Open Stableford

21.10. Komárno Scramble Pro/Am (formát scramble hrají členové s libovolným negolfovým partnerem)

4.11. Komárno Open Tour Final

25.11. Turnaj jednou holí

9.12. Frozen Fingers Tournament

31.12. Silvestrovský turnaj

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