Golf Komárno & Golf club Búřov

The course in Komárno falls under the heading of the Búřov Golf Club. This connection is completely unique in the Czech Republic and we are the only club that has its two golf courses at its disposal. Búřov and Komárno are partner campuses and membership benefits apply to both courses. The Búřov Golf Club was accepted as a

member of the ČGF on 19 March 2011

Stanovy Golfového klubu

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Application for the Búřov Golf club

If you want to become members of our club. Contact us, come see us and play. If you are sure, do not hesitate to fill out the application form and send it to us here.

Membership price list

Dospělý PLAY

Entry fee 500 CZK / Annual membership fee  3000 CZK

Děti do 18-ti let

Entry fee 300 CZK / Annual membership fee 1600 CZK

Rodinné 2 + 1

Entry fee 1000 CZK / Annual membership fee 6000 CZK

Rodinné 2 + 2 

Entry fee 1300 CZK / Annual membership fee 7600 CZK


Entry fee 0 CZK / Annual membership fee 1500 CZK

Reciprocity on partner playgrounds, you cannot use the benefits of a regular member

Roční hrací poplatky

If you have become our members, you have about half a fee discount, tournament fee discount and more compared to foreign golfers. However, if you don't want to be just an occasional visitor on the field, you have the option of purchasing a game card for the entire season. The game card includes unlimited access to the playing field.

Game card 2023: CZK 8,000 / Non-member, CZK 6,000 / Member